Whoopie we’re sending out the tender to builders!

Spring has Sprung and I’m in a good mood for more than the reason that I can cycle home after work in the light and the sun came out from behind the clouds for the first time in months. I’m happy because we are actually nearly at the stage of choosing a builder. The Quantity Surveyor is hard at work producing a bill of quantities and a spec will be ready to go out early next week.

I am not one for loving the whole process of choosing every doorknob and tile and so have been very lucky that Scott the architect has done a lot of the choosing. I’m ok given a limited selection and indeed was pretty successful at choosing flooring: 1130am one Saturday wandered into Mackay’s in Govan, chose something, was out by 1140 and waiting for a train to take 6 kids on a birthday party outing by midday.

20140327-235041.jpgit’s a floor, it’s made of wood, it’ll do

Anyway fortunately Scott seems to know the kind of thing I like. Except tiles.

I am not entirely sure why I have an aversion to bathroom tiles. It could be a reaction against scrubbing grouting, but practically the only thing in the entire house that I didn’t like was a floor and all walls-tiled bathroom. And lots of little tiles at that. With lots and lots of grouting.

20140327-235420.jpgThere really are some horrid tiles out there when you start looking….

Anyway after finding a bathroom in a hotel with 3 tiles in the whole place I discovered it must be possible to cut down the tiling. And that is what we are doing.

We had to change QS mid project as they couldn’t even start on the work before May and it now feels we’ve been (not) building this house for decades. But the new QS will be finished ahead of schedule. And perhaps this sudden burst of speed bodes well for the construction of this house before the storms of Autumn set in…. Watch this space

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