Ardsheal Peninsular Walk


Distance: 5 miles

Height Gain: 100m

Difficulty of terrain: fine, if a bit boggy in places

Route-finding: challenging at times

This beautiful, low-level walk is a great alternative to the mountains of Glen Coe when the cloud is low, or an easier option.

Waterproof footwear is essential, and wellies ideal. The views are amazing, especially those looking down Loch Linnhe.Park along the road at Cuil Bay and start the walk here.

Head along the track alongside the beach, towards the fisherman’s hut
From the hut continue along the beach for around half a mile until you see the little hut directly inland. Head towards the hut across the ford then up the track onto the summit of the ridge

Walk along the ridge until you see the grassy raised beach ahead then head down the path towards it.

Walk across the rasied beach to the shore

Continue along the shoreline until you reach the next raised beach

Cut across the raised beach, passing a little cottage, to the far corner where a path leads you through the woodland

cottage and cloud smallFollow path to a distinct bay with a large boulder in the middle.

Continue around the shore until a track heads up to a house.

Follow the track to the house then turn right, through a gate and along a wet track.

Follow this track as it leads, with woodland on the right and a a wooded hillside on the left until the track changes to an indistinct path.

This will take you on through a hazel woodland and after another half mile you come out with a view of Cuil Bay.
The path will lead you down into North Cuil and from there you walk back to the shore, and the start point

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