My favourite tree – the Rannoch Rowan

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When travelling north from Glasgow, this solitary rowan tree signals the last part of the journey to Cuil: the traverse of vast Rannoch Moor and the decent through Glen Coe to the sea lochs of Leven and Linnhe.

This rowan stands alone on the vast moor. The seed must have been carried  to the rock in a bird-dropping from a distant tree, perhaps by one of the ring ouzels you can see here from time to time.    The crevice on the summit of this glacial erratic is the only place protected enough from the browsing of deer to allow a seed to germinate and grow.

Braced against the winds of Rannoch Moor it stands sentinel, welcoming travellers from the south to this most wild of Britain’s places.

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2 thoughts on “My favourite tree – the Rannoch Rowan

    • It’s such an inspirational tree clinging on to a rock in the middle of Rannoch moor. It’s looked pretty much like that for as long as I remember (perhaps 15 years). When did you first see it?

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