Rules for Park Life


It’s a play park; unless you are a nursery, kindergarten or education group
It’s a walk in the park; unless it’s a guided one.
This is Park Life according to new rules being drawn up by Glasgow City Council.

Glasgow City Council is currently consulting in new rules for parks in the city. The consultation is open until 14th February and you can give your comments here

The new rules Proposed rules on use of parks will mean that any nursery or kindergarten will need to get the written permission of the director to use the park and so will those offering any outdoor education. 20140123-152107.jpg

Cyclists will be welcome if they don’t exceed 5 miles per hour

No one will be able to play any organised sport, play any musical instrument, or play a radio or any music without the Director’s written permission

No event or gala can be held in any park without written permission of the director20140123-075928.jpg

No one will be allowed to walk more than 3 dogs at a time .
And dogs will need to be on a lead of less than 2m or walking close at heel at all times. 20140123-080819.jpg

Click here to read the proposed rules in full