Anticipation is growing..

It’s soon. Yes I think we might be talking to builders about building this house almost imminently. Two and a half years since we bought the plot and we may be nearly ready to go.

It’s not as simple as we start building as soon as we accept a builders’ tender though. We have building control for the base but wanted to keep the options open as much as possible with the timber frame system. This means that we have estimated our costs on the basis of a scotframe timber frame, but are open to builders suggesting other systems that match the spec. We therefore have to wait until we know the system we will be using before we go for building control for the building.

So we have a series of steps that have to wait for the step before.
1. Quantity Surveyor report and bill of quantities (to take 3-4 weeks)
2. Send out tender to builders and wait 4-6 weeks
3. decide on builder and issue contract (some negotiations and changes at this stage as we know costs)
4. Go to building control for the building
5. However I think at the same time we should be able to start on the foundations and get the timber frame started being designed and manufactured (6 weeks)
6. Then building goes up – wind and watertight in 4 days (yes you heard that right – FOUR DAYS!)

I think it might be wise to not start planning the house warming just yet.