It’s Electrifying!

‘Better shape up! ‘Cause I need a maaaaan. And my heart is set on youuuuu!’

And it turns out it’s an electrician I need (and a plumber, joiner, engineer, mason, general builder and everyone else). But today I’ve been sorting out the electrification. 

  Plumbing and electrics comes in a week in Monday. This means that all the things I never thought of and didn’t know about are coming up to bite me. 

As usual it’s my fault – the architect had recommended a book to buy and inwardly digest and keep with me every waking moment during the build 
But somehow I didn’t get round to buying it and then forgot all about it. It came back to me in a flash of recollection  this morning as I was trying to keep my head from exploding with the amount of information I’m trying to retain and brigade into some kind of order. 

Builder #2 Stephen (the one doing the cladding and plasterboarding as opposed to the one doing the hearing flooring plumbing wiring) asked about electricity so I got into a fluster trying to sort it all out 
Electricity is into the plot already (a wire sticking out of the ground brought in from the pylon about 100 yards away at great expense) but next is to bring it into the building and put on a cut-out (that’s a giant fuse in a box to the likes of me). Then I get a retailer in to fit the electricity meter. 

Seems simple. But I had my doubts. When is anything simple?
But it turned out to be remarkably straightforward. For once things went to plan. I surprised myself in being able to find the documents the next door neighbour sent me when she installed both our electrical supplies together. I had a job number, which helps, and phoned the local office speaking to real humans. Turned out builder #2 had already arranged the  cut out to be put in  on 4th June and they gave me my MPAN number (whatever that is)so I could call an electricity retailer an arrange an installation of the meter. 

What date? 4 July? Whaaaat. ? But if you waive your right to cancel we can do it in 10 days. Phew. 
So that’s the electricity sorted (I think. In theory)
I am now the owner of a copy of  ‘The Housebuilder’s Bible’. Or at least it’s in the post. I hope it arrives before I can muck this build up any further. 

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