A giant banana costume, a cake that’s a sandwich and a flirtation two-step

Yesterday I saw a man dressed as a banana, and another in a gigantic bunny costume with a pink pompom on a string between the legs. The drooping pompom willy was apparently supposed to be the tail but, since the costume was on back to front (“For ease of access”, said the bunny) it looked comically obscene.

Giant bunny, Mr Banana and their 12 costumed friends were loitering in the Rowardenan car park and about to embark on a charity ascent of Ben Lomond. I was also loitering in the Rowardenan car park, one of too few parents trying to keep 60 hyped up and overexcited P7s, celebrating the end of their primary school years, contained prior to a walk with the NTS rangers.

Later on, following a sublimely cold swim in the Loch and a dash back to Glasgow, I was in a community hall in Wanlock Head (claim to fame: Scotland’s highest village) getting acquainted with a cake that was actually a giant carve-able seafood sandwich. A supremely beautiful creation with layers of crab, smoked salmon and prawns, it was the ultimate in cold buffet chic.

A cold buffet, a ceilidh and a celebration of a friends birthday. There is simply nothing better, especially when I get to test the efficacy of Disco ceilidh for wheelchair users. The Military two-step to Donna Summer and MC Hammer (can we call him McHammer?) seemed to be especially popular and I even got to hold a real live bronze Olympic medal too (Wheelchair curling….)!

I learned some new dances that I’ll need to incorporate into my Disco Ceilidh from the country dance enthusiasts of Wanlock Head and Leadhills. Watch out for the Flirtation Two step and the Circle Waltz (once I’ve found a more suitable waltz tune than ‘Times they are a-changing’).

Follow yesterday with the Gibson Street Gala (the 100 top-hats my daughter made went down a storm at the church hospitality, and despite the rain, we had loads of interested folk at the RSPB stand) and you have a weekend to look back on with joy.

Now I just need to sleep for a week….

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