Real Food Cafe: the perfect pit-stop

The Real Food cafe is the absolutely ‘must stop’ place to eat on the way to Cuil. The food is perfect, the welcome is warm, and the ambiance is buzzing with climbers refueling after a day in the hills, families with sleepy children on the way north, and West-Highland Wayers.This place serves the best, locally-sourced  food; simple and delicious. It has good vegetarian options, and a very diverse menu but, looking around, fish and chips is the obvious favourite.

The Real food Cafe is the one place that we always stop on the way north – one summer I was even asked if I was a local.  They do simple food very well. Their fish and chips has the crispest batter and most exquisite chips, they do a fabulous venison burger with red cabbage and I always have one of their immense side salads tottering with bulgar or quinoa, a carrot salad, a green salad and some other delicacy. Alongside a mini-fish supper it is the ideal combination of health and indulgence. And it leaves enough room afterwards for one of their delicious cakes.
They also open in the mornings (though not early in winter) for scrummy homemade cakes and scones and pint mugs of tea. They even get the papers in if you are not in a hurry to be getting on your way.
Due to their popularity, they rapidly expanded from the original footprint of the little chef into a strange tent arrangement tacked into the side. The seating there is comfy, including sofas and an enormous wood burning stove, but I am hoping that a more permanent extension and scenic sit-ooterie may follow at some point in the near future.
It may sound like I am employed by The Real Food Cafe for promotional purposes but I can assure you I am not. I am just so grateful to have somewhere to rely on for good value, delicious food on a route that we travel on a regular basis. Thank you to the folks there!
The Real Food Cafe, Tyndrum FK20 8RY 01838 400 235

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