Seeing Wildlife

The wildlife in the area is stunning.  Scotland’s  west coast has long been a draw for those seeking, a heart-stopping landscape and exciting wildlife experiences.

Otters love the shoreline and a dawn or dusk walk along the coast from Cuil should give you a good chance of a sighting. Look out for spraint and other signs that otters are around.

The area surrounding Cuil to south and east, and also across Loch Linnhe at Ardgour have both been designated as Special Protection Areas for Golden Eagles. There is a very good chance of seeing one.

White tailed sea eagles are also regularly seen here and apparently nest not too far away as the eagle flies. Look out for the distinctive ‘flying barn door’. The size of these magnificent birds only becomes apparent once you see how tiny a buzzard, or even a golden eagle, look in comparison.

Of course the best place for a guaranteed White Tailed Sea eagle sighting is Mull, – the island you see from Cuil far in the distance beyond Lismore. It’s an easy day-trip. The RSPB are tracking the eagles by satellite tags and you can keep in touch with them via their blog.

Autumn is the best time to see Red Deer. During the rut stags roar in the glens south east of Cuil.  If you are lucky you could witness a clash of antlers.  If you plan a trip in stalking season, ensure that you check the hillphones website before you go to ensure that stalking isn’t taking place where you want to walk

If you want expert guidance on wildlife watching there are a number of organizations in the area that offer tours or bespoke trips.

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