2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Building the House Blog

  1. Hi Kat, Love your blog .
    It’s nice to see how your progressing and still keeping your yourself sane. My colleagues passed me your description of me whilst still having tears in there eyes which at first was a bit troubling until I read it myself. To be called a child of the 80’s with a Hoff style Demi- mullet is brillant because the only reason my hair it that short is that as a child of the 60’s& 70’s my hair would be too long.
    I must thank you for removing 15 years from my age which when you over 60 can only be a good thing
    P.S. You gave my wife even more reasons to tell me to get a hair cut

    Ray Waite ,ageing hippy (disgracefully)

    • Hi Ray
      So good to get feedback like this on the blog. Sometimes I wonder whether people are actually out there enjoying it, or whether I am writing it to myself! Have to admit that your hair made a very great impression. There just aren’t enough mullets around these days.And, although I note that the 80s seem to be back in fashion, the mullet has not had the reprise it is long overdue.

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