Loch Leven Seafood Cafe

loch leven seafood cafe2I’ve been to this amazing place a couple of times since it opened. Right on the banks of Loch Leven, it serves really fresh and delicious sea food and if there aren’t too many midgies, you can sit out in the deck with spectacular views of the loch and the mountains.

On one occasion we sat as plate after enormous, laden plate was heaped on the table next to us. Eventually the whole table was covered with a mountain of lobster, scallop, razor shell, mussels, clams and langoustine. And that was only supposed to  feed 4 of the 6 gob-smacked Germans at the table.

It’s also got the swishest child menu of any I have seen. No fishfingers, no pizza, just Crayfish linguini and moules mariniere.

If you get itchy feet as you wait you can wander over to the warehouse next door where huge tanks of lobsters and crabs and langoustine wait to be cooked and fed to folks in the restaurant or exported to Spain. A tiny shop sells the fish and seafood and also beautiful Spanish terracotta crockery. The piles of pots, plates and bowls are brought to Scotland in the lorries returning from delivering Argyll’s bountiful harvest to the markets of Spain and Portugal.

If you have the energy after your meal, take a walk along the seashore to take in the spectacular views, and perhaps see an otter.  All the ingredients of a very special day!

Loch Leven Seafood Cafe, Onich, Fort William, PH33 6SA   01855 821048  www.lochlevenseafoodcafe.co.uk

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