Mountain Biking

The area around Glencoe and Ben Nevis are becoming a real draw for mountain bikers with serious downhill courses and family-friendly woodland trails all within half an hour of Cuil.  There are woodland trails about 5 minutes from Cuil in the Glen Duror and Leitir Mhor forests  belonging to the forestry commission.  While you are zooming around in the mud, look out for the memorial on the site of The Appin Murder,  where the ‘Red Fox’ of Robert Louis Stephenson’s book ‘Kidnapped’ was shot.

Glencoe Resort has a number of downhill mountain bike runs ranging from ‘vertiginous’ to ‘no! really, that’s surely not possible’.  I have to admit that this is not a sport I have tried out on your behalf and so can offer no sensible analysis of the quality of the offering.  However this from a review may be useful ‘Black graded DH trail, chairlift accessed, very rocky, steep and technical’. They rent out bikes too have a great cafe and amazing views.

Nevis Range is the home of the World Cup Downhill track.  If you are in the area in early June you can be one of thousands lining the track to see some the world’s best downhill mountain bikers take on the challenge. This route, as well as others that are more appropriate for mortals, and in fact for all ages a families, are open most of the year with cafe and other facilities on site.

Here is a suitably rock and roll trailer for the world cup..

If you are an adherent to the cult of mountain biking then a trip to the Wolf Trax at Laggan will be a must. They are about an hour’s drive from Cuil Bay but you will be rewarded with some of the best mountain biking in Scotland. There are 30 km of mountain bike trails ranging from beginner to ‘absolute headcase’. You can rent bikes on site (01528 544786) and if you are looking for a sit down and a hot drink you can get one too. Or visit the excellent Pottery Coffee Shop  at Laggan Bridge.

You can rent biking gear at Crank it up gear  in Glencoe village and get information from some actual experts (as opposed to me).

A variety of Hardcore – and slightly more pedestrian – mountain biking events in the area are arranged by No fuss events

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